Smart Technology

Encouraging businesses to adopt cutting-edge technology, strengthen their market position and reputation

Develop and adapt to the times


More than 5 years of creativity and innovation, always keeping up with technology trends and achieving several goals


Using programming languages ​​Java, C/C++, PHP, .NET Oracle Database, MS SQL, MySQL...


Bringing high quality technology solutions, contributing to applied science and technology in Vietnam

Filter spam, scam calls
Auto-answer in many situations
Interrupts and forwards calls
Stores and records all call types
Extensive features such as sync personal calendar, create remiders and schedule calendar events

AI Voicebot

Business Operation

Tạo phễu bán hàng tự động:
Phân loại khách hàng tự động
Trả lời tự động
Tận dụng Facebook Messenger để marketing đến các khách hàng tiềm năng miễn phí, tiếp cận khách hàng bất cứ lúc nào
Hỗ trợ khách hàng nhanh chóng, chuẩn xác và hoàn toàn tự động 24/7

AI Chatbot

Business Operation

Online teaching & school management
Professionalizing internal training in the enterprise
Preschool management
Provide a smart connection tool between the school - parents - community on the phone

eLearning Platform

Digital Education

Multi-channel medical booking (in-hospital, home
, online)
Internal administration and booking management
are easy to use and can be customized
Electric health record updates quickly and accurately
And many other extensive features

Medical Appointment Scheduling

Digital healthcare

Quản lý đơn hàng từ nhiều nguồn: website, landing page, cửa hàng, sàn TMĐT,..
Tự động chia lead và đơn cho sale xử lý, thông báo qua: email, zalo và webpush
Báo cáo tự động
Đồng bộ vận đơn với bên vận chuyển
Tích hợp affiliate và hệ thống phân phối

Quản lý bán hàng đa kênh


Chat & Chatbot đa kênh
Callbot &Auto Call
Webpush Notification
SMS Marketing
Convert FB UID to phone

Marketing đa nền tảng


Optical character recognition
Live authentication
Logic checks with 40+ review conditions
Edit requests to make review decisions based on the level of risk
APIs/ SDKs integration
Data security and privacy

eKYC Verification

Digital Finance
Digital Banking

Share audio, images, data remotely
with high quality HD
Connect anytime, anywhere with low cost
Connect for meetings, discussions,
online training

Video Conferencing

Digital Education

Searching information for ships, crew,
Classifying ships
Cruise management
Vessels warning of dangers
Customizing functions as required

Ship Management

Maritime field

Create free events
Communication, advertising
Schedule sending Email & SMS
Print tickets, deliver tickets, collect money
Call to confirm attendance
Support check-in at the event

Event Management


Customer Service
Customer careImplement brand PR programs
Promote events, introduce products
Send thank-you and gratitude letters to long-time customers
Send login password
Confirm transaction

SMS Brandname


Connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere
Data package on demand 500MB, 1GB, unlimited 4G high-speed data
Provide service in more than 190 countries and territories
Integrated power bank

Mobile Hotspots


Make the signing of contracts more straightforward
Manage contracts by type or department
Flexible delegation
Information about clients and partners is
completely confidential



Aesthetically Pleasing Website
Shopping cart integration - Simple, fast, and convenient checkout
Order and delivery management
Customize revenue report types

eCommerce Platforms


Provides content in many category:
Teen world
Provide soft skills development
And value-added services

Electronics News

Digital Content

We collaborate with well-known,
aspiring companies.